Trash Removal

All Clear waste removal provides residential trash removal and special pick up.

How we do trash removal at All Clear?
We come to your house or location on an assigned collection day on a weekly basis. We pick up your bagged trash and/or other items you want removed, your trash gets trucked to a waste treatment processing facility. We do not require any sorting or separation of your waste, and neither does the facility that we use as it is incinerated and recycled into power. That power us then transferred to the grid and powers homes, schools and businesses locally. We don't require the use of town mandated special bags. We do ask, as a courtesy, that you limit the individual bag weights to 30lbs to save the drivers back.

We invoice/bill on a 12 week basis (approx. quarterly). Payment can be made by either check or credit card. NO CASH please!!

All Clear is less costly than hauling your own trash - and more convienient!!

What are the advantages of trash removal by us.

  • We pick up at your house.
  • Weekly same day each week pick up.
  • All items received are disposed of in their proper place.
  • Less costly than you taking your refuse to the landfill.
  • No hassles with the landfill manager because of improper separation of your trash.
  • You don't have to separate your trash into recycling groups.
  • Your trash is used to generate electricity.
  • Save time from trips to the landfill.
  • Saves you fuel and energy.
  • Your vehicle pollution almost completely offsets the environmental impact savings for recycling.
  • No hassle of putting it into the trunk or back seat if you do not have any other vehicle to get it to the dump.

Call us at (603) 529-2400 to schedule your trash removal service!


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